Business Development Manager

Atlas is looking for a Business Development Manager to join an awesome, driven, fun, and busy digital agency service team. Because our work moves at such a quick pace, we are looking for a hungry, whip smart Business Development Manager to join our team. If you have a passion for places, travel, tourism, and economic development and do sales, we’d love to talk to you.

Here are a few attributes about you that really appeal to us:


  • You Overachieve & Understand
    • You go above and beyond, are driven by the feeling of progress, and are acutely sensitive to momentum. You are always striving to get better, learn more, and work smarter.
  • You are Coachable
    • For Atlas, experience isn’t nearly as important as coachability for predicting success in a sales roles. Being energetic, willing to learn, and having the ability to adapt are all a part of being “coachable.” This means adopting suggestions, and putting them into action. If you are asked to do things in a certain way - do it that way - even if it's something you have always done differently.
  • You are Personable & Positive
    • You have NO problem getting along with others and your positive attitude is noticeable. And, most importantly, you enjoy meeting new people and realize the power of networking.
  • You are Relentlessly Curious
    • At Atlas, we believe higher-performing salespeople ask more questions - often more than twice as many. But, these salespeople don't ask questions that focus solely on data. They want to know what the implications are.
  • You Rely on Tools & Data to Make Decisions
    • To stay organized and manage your time efficiently, you’re an avid user of marketing automation, project management tools, and systems that keep you out of the weeds and more focused on better business and personal outcomes. These detail-oriented strengths give you the ability to work better, to be more effective, and to minimize the risk of errors. Here at Atlas, we value and require these key strengths.
  • You Like to Win & You Are a Natural Influencer
    • You could argue the digital and creative environment is one of the most competitive business marketplaces in our lifetime. But of course you already knew this and are driven by asking the question, "How can I move you to act?" In virtually every situation, your eye goes to the outcome.


  • I like listening to people tell me what they do and how they do it.
  • I'm a constant learner. For me, there's something energizing about the process of getting to a point where I've mastered a new skill. Recently I took classes to learn how to...
  • I like getting down in the dirt with people, seeing the world through their eyes, and getting them the best possible solution. For prospects, colleagues, and friends, I think I can truly help them only if I have seen their perspectives.
  • I don't think you can teach people in the same way. Instead, I'm always looking for how each person's mind works, and what motivates him or her.
  • I've found that I'm more decisive than most people. I like to move fast.
  • I'm at my best when I'm challenged to persuade someone to do something they didn't necessarily intend to do.

Atlas leadership will rely on the Business Development Manager in helping to support and advance company sales and marketing initiatives. This function must translate the organization’s vision, mission, and values into a meaningful context that prospects can relate to and feel excited by.

Responsibilities by Category:

Sales Process

  • Customer acquisition process
  • Pricing and product description maintenance
  • Sales scripting
  • Call planning
  • Sales qualification process

Prospect Intelligence & Marketing

  • Market research
  • Email marketing and list preparation
  • Social media marketing and prospecting
  • Marketing project development
  • Online reviews set up
  • Marketing to prospective attendees for webinars and events; conduct follow-up

Direct Prospecting & Sales Support

  • Sales presentations and presentation prep
  • General qualification of prospects
  • Call on prospects for new proposals
  • Call on prospects for solutions demos
  • Attend networking events/trade shows, where appropriate
  • Prospect using LinkedIn and other social media
  • Build the Atlas community

As referenced above, experience isn’t nearly as important as coachability for predicting successful sales roles. Being energetic, willing to learn, and having the ability to adapt are all a part of being “coachable.” Coachable means an early adopter of the suggestion. If you are asked to do things in a certain way - do it that way - even if it's something you have always done differently.

In addition, you meet these minimum requirements:

  • Previous successful sales experience OR a strong interest in a selling role
  • The ability and desire to work in a fast-paced, challenging environment
  • The desire to meet and exceed measurable performance goals
  • The technical aptitude to master our CRM and lead intelligence tools
  • A developed, competitive nature
  • A highly self-driven sense of motivation
  • The ability to deal with objections
  • A fanatical attention to detail

Atlas is a Denver-based agency specializing in marketing innovative places, and we've done work in 48 states and six countries. We believe in innovation, creativity, and showing up to work every day ready to make a difference, and our creative solutions transform the way places interact with their customers (companies, talent, visitors, residents). Our visionary work in economic development and tourism helps communities of all sizes do just that. You can help places like Detroit, Miami, Savannah, Georgia, the State of Colorado, and 460 others succeed with our differentiated digital and creative solutions.

Atlas strives to create a dynamic experience for both our clients and our team. We thrive on the next challenge and opportunity to generate impactful results for the communities with which we work.

Each and every day, we do our best to embrace and exhibit our core values:

We Go Above and Beyond.
We are customer, colleague, and partner-focused problem solvers, going above and beyond to produce results that make an impact.

We Do the Right Thing.
In every interaction, we are committed to following through on what we said we would do, with the intention to be better and benefit those we work with.

We Are Relentlessly Curious.
As passionate, world explorers, we are open to new experiences, and we are never satisfied that we have learned or discovered enough.

We Push the Envelope.
We understand that it is our responsibility to constantly innovate and evolve how we do what we do.

We Are a Tribe.
We honor the diverse backgrounds, skills, and personal qualities of our colleagues, clients, and partners.

Salary depends on your experience. What we can tell you is that Atlas is an equal employment opportunity employer that offers competitive salary, 401(k) plan with matching, performance bonuses, health insurance benefits, income protection benefits, and great office perks like an in-office kegerator, powder days, company-sponsored events, ongoing training and education, and really rad coworkers.

We also offer:

  • The ability to earn commission on new contracts, with no ceiling on how much you can earn
  • If he/she doesn’t bite, you can bring your dog to work
  • Opportunity for tremendous career growth with a Colorado Company to Watch working directly with the company CEO
  • Ability to grow into managing the entire sales cycle and team from inception to close; including prospecting, proposal writing, contract negotiation, etc.
  • Opportunity to participate with a company that is already a leading player in the space
  • Full health benefits: medical, dental, vision, flex spending
  • 401(k) matching program

To apply, submit resume and cover letter with salary requirement to hr@atlas-advertising.com. No phone calls please. Applications without a salary requirement will not be considered.